Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry Ep 3-6 of 6 (Eng Subs)


  1. Avatar of gnij gnij says:

    thank you Fevers for all the hard work and thanks lovelee for bringing this. :-D

  2. thank you guys for your hard work.. as an interpreter i know how hard this stuff =) thank you again for your time

  3. thanks once again, Fevers, and thanks hlu, for sharing it here.. =)

  4. Avatar of Jorg

    Finalmente podré disfrutar todo el episodio en Inglés. Gracias :mrgreen:

  5. Avatar of Sundy7 says:

    How wonderful you an interpreter, Ainash! :)

  6. Avatar of Sundy7 says:

    Such generous group of people they are, those members at Fevers! If they subtitled the whole first episode, that surely means they are committed to do the same for every other show too! Just WOW is all I can say about that. 8-O

  7. hats off to fevers once again for their very generous dedication, love and support to Yuna, and show of mercy on her non-Korean dholes.. :dhole: :lol:

  8. Avatar of Ee Shyuan
    Ee Shyuan

    OMG!!! Really thank you all!~ I’m so blessed to be here! Thanks Kevin for the intro~

  9. haha.. same here, jorg.. thank you to all of Yuna’s very considerate korean dholes.. :-D

  10. hey ee.. do come by often, and don’t hesitate to post or comment here. :-D we’re blessed to have you, too.. :-D

  11. by the way, ee.. feel free to do some exploring. : ) you might want to check out the ‘activities’ tab and ‘stickies’ tab every so often when you come for a visit, aside from the home page. : )

  12. This is really wonderful. 8-O
    Thank you so much to the subbing team of Fevers for being so considerate to other international dholes. HARK! :dhole:

  13. =)

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